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*~*ChAd MiChAeL MuRrAy*~*
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                     May,30th 2004
Hey CMM fanatics, actresses
 Summer is here! Fantastic news to us in the U.K!!! Check the "News & gossip" page on this site and you'll find that "One Tree Hill" will finally be debuting in July! No set date yet but will keep you posted! How exciting is that? OTH will be airing on Channel 4 & E4 which is what I predicted! Check out the small ads on E4! Oh and this website will be 2 years old in July!!! 2 already! My my!
  Also we now have our very on CMM forum!! So please, please, PLEASE join up immediately. The more.. the merrier! As you can see it's quite desserted at the moment but hopefully with your help it'll be awesome once we get more fans flowing in!
Stay tuned,
                      February,26th 2004
Howdy everyone!
Looky, looky! It's the first time since I've updated this website this year! How cool?! Anyway, after recieving serveral emails commenting on the same thing I got tired of it... but was appreciative that you guys take the time to email me! The emails all said that Chad had a girlfriend now as in the "News & Gossip" page I said that Chad was single which was true like ten months a go (We think) but after hanging out with "One tree hill" star Sophia Bush aka Brooke; the two realised there were sparks between them and needless to say they're an official item since September 2003... Today I screamed when I saw two emails saying the same thing, about Sophia and Chad so I decided this website needed to be updated.. OF COURSE I was aware that Chad was no longer single as I own that "YM" magazine where Chad confesses, infact I own the whole magazine and the article twice! Yup! twice...but I have a feeling there's more coming my way! lmao. But I don't mind! See, I maybe from England but believe me I can get my hands on some pretty nifty stuff!
Anyway, enjoy people!!!
Creator of fansite.
P.S) I don't know how you guys feel but I'm extremely happy for Chad & Sophi. I mean, CHad doesn't deserve to be single, he's a great guy and is the type to be all loved up and I think he deserves it! Plus, as a true dedicated fan (like YOU THERE!) we love him so much that all we want is for him to be happy and should be 100% behind Chad!
 Remember this equation:
Sophia + Chad= CUTE COUPLE!!!
(There's something to tell your math teachers! mwahaha)
                                     December,7th 2003
Hey CMM fans,
First of all: Merry Christmas!!  For all you Americans out there: I hope you all are going to receive "Freaky Friday" for christmas! If you're a Brit like I am: Not to worry, "Freaky friday" is making it's way to English screens on December 19th!! Book your seats now!!
I just thought I'd update this website seeing as I really need to add some more stuff. I'm gonna add an FAQ in here and include a disclaimer.. I've had serveral wonderful emails saying how much they enjoy this site.. I know it's not exactly top notch material but I don't really have the energy to perchase a dot com domain, I just wanted to create a simple yet good website about Chad for other Chad fans to gain info from and I think I've achived this. I made this site a year and 6 months a go now and I'm amazed by its success on the internet. I really need to pluck up more stuff on this site, the pictures are somewhat old now and because of "One tree hill" there are many new pictures of Chad, but for now if you're looking for awesome pictures please visit it's an amazing Chad site. Infact, one of my favourites.
 Okay, I've realised now that the signings in my guestbook that say they're by Chad are all friggin' posers. How could some stupid losers do that? I mean especially if they're obsessive Chad freaks, infact they're not worthy fans of his because doing something like that is so mean and in-considerate to other fans who may think it is really him. I admit I had my doubts about whether it was him but forced myself to believe it.. it was until several "Chad" signings were posted that I realised that people are just being stupid. So if you're planning on doing it: Quit it! I would love to delete all these pathetic signings but because there is mess up with my log in name I cannot. On a much lighter note:Thank you to everyone who enjoys this site and thanks for the wonderful emails I get from nice fans.
Feel free to email me:  
                                 September,4th 2003
Hi everyone,
I just got a "guestbook notify" by email which I get every single time someone signs my guestbook, I just checked to see what they said and found out it's the third one signed by Chad... well if it's Chad. I would just like to say if you are Chad: If you're going to sign my guestbook please say something unique that only Chad Murray would say
because unfortunately the internet is full of posers who work their way round guestbooks pretending to be a certain star so these days it's hard to believe if someone's being truthful or not.
 Chad's birthday was on August 24th, did you bother sending Chad a birthday card? Well, I sure hope he gets it if you did send him fanmail! Chad, if you are there buddy: Happy 22nd Birthday and many more returns!!
 These past few weeks, I've been receiving emails from lots of people who're interested in helping me with this site.. but the offer is still open to ANY fan who knows how to make websites or know where to find information... so email me if you're interested.
Keep the emails coming in, thanks to everyone for visiting for the first or 100th time.
                               August, 12th 2003
Hey Everyone!
Wow, geez! It's been a whole year now since I released this site. But, I haven't been able to update it in ages so here I am updating you and making the website better. Please forgive me! But a whole year has gone by and a whole lot has happened. Check out the news/gossip page to be updated. I'm still updating this site so be patient. There will be a lot more added here so it's exciting.
 You guys know that "Freaky Friday" is out in the States, so hope you all are gonna go watch that.. I know I'm gonna freak out when I see it, screaming whenever Chad appears then everyone will look at me weirdly.. Yup sounds about right to me! See, it's not out here in England yet, so U.Kers you have to wait a long time yet! Doh! Hang on though. You so have to buy the soundtrack to "Freaky Friday" because Chad is on it! Yes way. Apparently he sings a song called "Baby one more time". I know who sang that song of the same title.. It'll be hillarious if Chad did his own version of THAT song.. know what I mean?
 Well, if it's your first time on here.. welcome aboard. Please sign the guestbook/guestmap before you leave this site. If you want to email me with your thoughts/comments I'd be most grateful. Anyways, I'm so excited about "One Tree Hill" the new show coming your way pretty soon! Head down to news/gossip page to see what's going on.
Thanks to everyone who emailed me & signed my guestbook last year. I hope there's a whole trunk load more to come. Come back soon and remember to sign my guestbook! Oh and if you do visit the guestbook, apparently Chad signed it! A source told me (cannot say who) that she knows that when Chad isn't acting he's known as Chad Murray and that's how Chad signed it! Well, it's kind of invisible as the ink is green but highlight over with the right button on your mouse and see for yourself! The guestbook entry is:
Mar 28th 2003 at 12:31:50 PM  now call me stupid, but I believe it. What do you all think?
Creator of the fansite.

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